“It is not your job to complete the task, but neither can you desist from working at it.”

~Pirkei Avot 2:16

“Protests raged again last night” this was the opening line in an article called “The Minnesota Paradox” in the New York Times. The news of nationwide unrest as we find our way through the continued crisis that COVID has bestowed upon us, is more evidence that we are in a world of multi-layered chaos, fear, anger and sadness. To say we are living in a very “challenging time” does not serve the magnitude of it.

Today, I am grieving again – for our country and even the world, in the face of social injustice, righting wrongs, about inequity and lack of equal rights for all.

So many are already feeling loss, despair, anger, bewilderment, and hopelessness. This newest wave of social unrest places a heavier burden on all of us. Racism and all forms of hate are violations of human rights. AND so is any violence against humanity. It’s easy to allow the news and the social media outlets to creep in- even as we sleep to undermine our ability to feel we can be pro-active, to take charge, to choose a response. But we can do that.

We can peacefully protest. Sign a petition. Donate. Speak or write so our voices are heard. We can be there for one another. We can listen and withhold judgement. We can take action.

I have found I am continuously in mourning, but I am continuously in prayer, too. I pray for our country-For the violent outbreaks to bring change, so they are not just senseless acts of rage. I pray for humanity - to stop destroying ourselves.

I pray for every individual who has lost a job- whose child is hungry-

Every person who is at the mercy of broken systems-who has been wrongly hurt by history, by the past, or by the present. And I pray for the generations who are children now, to have a world where we do not continue to decline into the depths of deprivation.

I believe we do not grieve and just “move on.” I believe we bring all of the parts of who we are along with us, into the collective power of knowing love is the strongest force against any oppressor. We can move from crisis to challenge and meet challenge with all we have to make a positive impact.

We are here, together. We are one force. Whomever you enlist as your community- bring possibility, bring love, bring championing people to reach their fullest potential. At this moment, this very moment, no matter how disturbed we are, YOUR community, is large enough and strong enough to make choices that will change the world for the better.

There are many resources available for finding the way forward. You can start a conversation, ask questions, read, be educated, donate, gather, make yourself heard, align and advocate.

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In solidarity, be with love on this journey of ours.

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