Being exceptional usually occurs when we extend ourselves beyond our limitations, where there’s no resistance. When our energy shifts, we gain clarity, we become inventive. Our potential manifests in our performance.

In each of us there is an energetic opportunity to expand. Challenge yourself. Where’s your next?

I inspire my clients to create a strategy for enhanced performance and richer experiences in all aspects of their lives.


"Robyn Stecher’s success in business was won by her focus and determination and knowing what was important and how to empower others to be their best. She has been the champion of many highly successful people and inspires a winning approach. Robyn exemplifies the invaluable lesson that we are all more than meets the eye. She is a skilled strategic consultant, has great insights and working with her has been an exceptional experience."

Joe Moglia
Former CEO and Chairman, TD Ameritrade,
Former Head Coach Coastal Carolina University
Chair Athletics Department, Coastal Carolina University


“At a highly transitional time in my life, Robyn’s presence, steadfast confidence in me and her skillful coaching empowered me to discover new possibilities. My energy and thinking shifted. I Learned how to track my energy investment in all the areas of my life which created breakthroughs and a solid foundation for a lucrative, yet sustainable new business.
Robyn is masterful.”

Katheena Gorga
Entrepreneur, Founder Conscious Beauty


“I experienced a shift in my thinking after our weekend together and am so grateful for it. In particular, the idea that you can invite the Gremlin into your life in a productive way; also, noticing the constant need for my mind to interpret every situation to some kind of bottom line, often with little relationship to what’s really going on. Very enlightening!
I feel confident now that I can navigate…in a significantly more productive way.

I’d love to continue this work with you.

Until next time!”

Liz O’Neill


“Tuesday morning begins and I’m still thinking back to moments from this weekend’s class. What an incredible amount of help and inspiration. I’ve been slowly working back through the pages and thoughts from the book and my notes. Savoring and letting the new ideas form. Thank you again for bringing that work to us here…

Thank you again, for resetting the goalposts and reminding me what a glorious endeavor each day can be. I look forward to working with you again.”

Jim Edgar
Coach, Consulting Engineer, Performer


“Robyn Stecher brings the totality of her professional and life experience to her role as coach. She is 110% present, intuitive, insightful, and nurturing, and uses the tremendous tools in her coaching tool belt to facilitate powerful insights and breakthroughs that are sustainable beyond the coaching session. I felt supported, affirmed, and energized in our work together in a way that profoundly impacted my own work toward the goals that matter most to me. Thank you, Robyn! You are wonderful.”

Teresa Y.


“Thank you for the most transformative weekend of my entire life. I have been “stuck” for about 2 years and you helped me break through…YES…when the student is ready the teacher will appear. And you did.”

Diane Hayes
Broadcast Sales Trainer

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