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The Donna Drake Show Welcomes Entertainment Executive and Author Robyn Stecher

By The Donna Drake Show
Published July 21, 2021

"Robyn Stecher talks about her newest book, Just Who We Are: My Story of Grit, Grace, and Identity. Previously involved in the entertainment industry, she discusses her ambition in the industry, the hardships she overcame, and the experiences that led her to become the person she is today. She hopes that her experiences will inspire others to follow their aspirations and dreams and help them have a different, more positive view on life. Robyn also talks about how she plans on using her voice to speak up about representation of differently abled in the entertainment industry."

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Robyn Stecher Releases Memoir “Just Who We Are: My Story of Grit, Grace, and Identity"

By Adkins Publicity
Published July 15, 2021

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Entertainment industry veteran, consultant, personal development coach and author Robyn Stecher shares with the world "Just Who We Are: My Story of Grit, Grace, and Identity" in her new memoir available today. The founder of Artemis Rising Enterprises is imparting to readers a story that is uniquely hers, but universally relatable, exploring themes of identity and how we forge our lives from our stories, becoming who we are. "Just Who We Are: My Story of Grit, Grace, and Identity" is published by Incorgnito Press…"

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Digital Journal Interview: Robyn Stecher talks about her new memoir

By Markos Papadatos
Published May 26, 2021

“Entertainment industry veteran, author, and speaker Robyn Stecher chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about her memoir, 'Just Who We Are: My Story of Grit, Grace and Identity.'

The memoir documents her 38 years as a talent agent representing Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe, Academy Award, and Peabody Award nominees and winners as well as her journey navigating divorce and raising her son Daniel who was diagnosed with an unidentified rare genetic anomaly. The memoir also follows Stecher as she picks up the pieces and finds love again. The book will be released in June."

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Author & Entertainment Executive Robyn Stecher: “5 Things You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive During and After A Divorce”

An interview with Ilyssa Panitz
Published April 22, 2021

"Have you ever replayed your divorce inside your head and thought you yourself, “I can write a book about this!” Well one woman did as a way to support others going through a traumatizing, life-alerting event such as a divorce. Yes, a divorce is pretty much going to change everything that has been familiar, but sometimes shaking things up can have a positive outcome. You know how you go to the store, sift through the racks, pick out a few things to try on and then go into the dressing room to see how they look? What is the first thing you do after you close the door behind you? Take off what you are wearing. You forget about those old items on the floor because you are so focused on trying on the cool new things you found. If you see one you like, you cannot wait to buy it, show it off at work, to your friends or on a date. Think of your divorce like that outfit, own it and feel great! That is what Robyn Stecher did after her divorce. She shifted to the mindset I am done feeling yucky! During the day Shecher but a lot of emphasis on her job, represents some of the biggest names in Hollywood. At night Shecher went home to work on her new book, “Just Who We Are,” which she carefully crafted to assure people, the best is yet to come, now let’s get you there!"

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Jamie Little Talks NASCAR, Competition, Making Motor Sports History, and Taking on Challenges, Plus Behind The Scenes of Entertainment with Talent Agent Robyn Stetcher – Episode 542

Dr. Nancy Berk
April 1, 2021

Robyn Stecher Segment of Podcast:

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The Journey Told Podcast with Shawn Zanotti with guest Robyn Stecher

Haze Radio Network

Robyn Stecher is an executive, writer, author, speaker, and Founder of Artemis Rising Enterprises- a New York City based coaching and consulting company. She is an ICF certified performance coach. Throughout her 38 years as a talent agent, she has represented Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe, Academy Award, Peabody Award nominees and winners, and thought leaders. She has led successful teams from build through re-organization. In 2010 she published, “There’s Something About Daniel” – a memoir based on an article published in “Family Circle” Magazine. The book documents the first 18 years of her son’s life which began with a diagnosis of an unidentified rare genetic anomaly. A sentence of limitation became a journey of liberation. Daniel has defied the odds, attends college, and lives independently in Cambridge, Mass. Read More

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