Life on Pause


I started thinking the other day about the new order, post “Life on Pause.” I am still trying to wrap my head around the ways the various states and cities are opening

These are some of my take-aways:

In some places people cover their faces intermittently ( because they might be fined or not allowed to enter a store) but their hands, scientifically proven to be the filthiest part of their body, - are not covered- at all- ever. And I guess, the honor system applies that they will, at some point wash them.

Some people think that “social distancing” means something new, but we have been social distancing since the first dating website launched. People paid money to tell lies about themselves, read lies about others, and post photos of that looked nothing like themselves, and then when they dumped the person they were communicating with without explanation- wasn’t that social distancing?

In some places here’s how you will get your hair cut: You will drive up to the salon with wet hair, because you will have washed it yourself. You will wait in your car or on the sidewalk with your wet hair, until you are called in to an otherwise empty salon. You will be greeted by someone wearing a hazmat suit, and you can only hope it is someone who knows the way you like your hair cut, because you do not recognize this person- and talking is going to be forbidden. You will then be ushered out the back door and the next person can come in. I have no idea how, if the stylist cannot wash your hair, they are going to color it- I am waiting for that announcement.

In some restaurants, the doors will be open, the air conditioning will be on. You will be escorted to your table of up to 6 – where these 6 people you came with, or how “safe” they have been, no one knows. Everyone will wear a mask , until it’s time to eat. At which point it will be ok to remove your mask and eat and speak with the 6 people you came into the restaurant with, because a whole 6 feet away there’s another table doing the exact same thing. For this experience, you’ll pay for your food, plus a COVID fee. All bars will be closed, but tables may be set up in the bar area. The masks come off and stay off once the drinking begins… Not sure about this one.

I have yet to actually see anyone -anywhere keep 6 whole feet between them and another person. It’s become kind of a personal guess or perceptual, I think 3 feet is the new 6 feet.

I find this one very interesting: temperature taking. SO, there’s a person – maybe a professional healthcare worker, maybe not, doing the temperature taking at a work-place. But we know that 3 whole days before a person has a temperature, they can be actively spreading the virus. So, we can all have our temperature taken every day, but what exactly is this temperature taking accomplishing?

Testing -Yes, this is true for testing, too. I can pay 150.00-200.00 for a test- to find out that TODAY I don’t have this virus – what about tomorrow?

Food shopping: This is my favorite. Every major store has marked the floor with arrows.

And either lines or X’s for where to stand when you are checking out. But in every single store I have been in- (and I’ve been in many) there’s a person, going the wrong way down an aisle, just to “grab” something “real quick” they are now trying to find. They stand for at least 5 minutes in a spot, so no one who is trying to play be the rules can pass. Eventually, the 10 people that wanted to go in the proper direction, are backed up , trying to keep 6 feet apart- and they give up and just all pass by each other, sometimes crashing into each other, muttering to themselves about it. Is that fair?

Then, the groceries come home. Scientists agree – this virus lives on surfaces albeit for short periods of time- but why take chances. Every single item should be sprayed with a disinfectant spray and wiped down. Food shopping now takes a minimum of 3 hours.

State by state rules for beaches:
1. Beaches are open but people may not be on them
2. Beaches are open but people may not sit on them
3. Beaches are open but groups must be 12 or less and blankets or chairs must be 10 feet apart. Getting on to the beach, people must walk 6 feet apart
4. Beaches are open for dogs and not people
5. Beaches are open from midnight to 5 am for fishing only 

Carwashes : You must drive your own car through the car wash. No one will clean the inside of your car for you. You will still pay the exact same price you paid before, when they did clean the inside for you and you have to tip the person who is wiping down the excess water outside your car when you emerge alone fro

Liquor Stores. Why were liquor stores considered essential? And why were liquor store workers considered essential employees, but MEDMEN ( the place you can buy legalized recreational marijuana) was closed until further notice…gee I wonder who had the better lobby…

Schools. I have nothing to say on this one- people way, way smarter than me will have to figure this one out.

In Connecticut, the FIRST phase included: restaurants with outside dining, pet grooming, and THE MALL was open –Don’t ask. The SECOND phase ( June 20) includes gyms, bars, bowling alleys and movie theatres. You now know where to go now if you are jonesing to be in groups of 100 or more. In an open carry state without helmet laws…I promise masks are soon to be a rarity- and no one wears gloves…of course.

Nail Salons: May just never open again

Now let’s look at the entertainment industry.

As states open up production, this is the only question I want answered:

What does a love scene shoot look like in the time of COVID?

I will spare you my graphic description of what I imagine-

Once again, people way smarter than me will figure this out.

Disney is opening in July. Thank God. I imagine all that lost revenue will be made up by the gift shop sales of Disney branded hand sanitizer, masks for all ages, and gloves.

All musings aside, there have been some really remarkable stories, one of my favorite was the Rhonda Roland Shearer mission to secure PPE for hospital workers. She leveraged her Soho loft and borrowed 600,000.00 to get much needed equipment to lower income neighborhood hospital workers.

And another favorite, the nurse from Virginia who volunteered to come to NYC and work on the front line – was assigned to a Brooklyn hospital. She was hoping that while here, she might reconnect with the firefighter who saved her from a burning building when she was only 4. She credits him with saving her life. While on duty, she told the story to a firefighter who connected her with her savior.

A Maine woman, who with her team of sled dogs had been delivering food to homebound people.

Among other heroic charitable efforts, The Actor’s Fund- the fund for everyone in the entertainment industry, has distributed over 11 million dollars to over 10, 000 people.

My friend enlisted sewers and fashion designer colleagues and turned her clothing company into a mask making mission to deliver 100,000 masks.

My son’s 26-year-old friend, Ana takes 3 forms of public transportation to get to her nursing home job, where 4 days a week, she delivers meals to patients. When I told her I was proud to know her, she replied “my job gives my life purpose, and I am committed to going to work because I know I am providing an essential service, but it’s hard when so many people are dying there.”

On the days when I feel I have contributed so little at a time when so much has been needed, I thank those of you who remind me that by staying connected, that working, and honoring all of you, and supporting our hard working team, is a way of contributing, even on the days when I don’t think I am doing enough.

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