November 3, 2020

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” Neiztche

In a Hollywood Reporter article, Kareem Adbul Jabar writes, ( paraphrased) “ in any election, the candidates are irrelevant…”

We must look at ourselves and the character of who we are – first and foremost. And the only way forward is to look inward. It’s an inside job that shows up at the dinner table, the child’s hand you hold, the messages you impart, the people you reject and those you embrace. The score that enhances your story is the music you lay under -it sets the tone, creates the dance, it allows your story to become more powerful, it is the inner voice driving your narrative. It is a symphony of possibility; you pick it.

As we embark on what has been called one of the most influential presidential elections in US history, ( In looking back historians have cited a number of elections that were also predicated upon extraordinary history changing outcomes, but we weren’t alive then- this is OUR most influential.) I believe it is our own story we must claim and listen to- we must use our inner resources. We all have the limitless capacity to be creative and to seek responses that are not reactive, and now is the time, if ever to call upon all we have to give, to fight the urge toward the polarized, enraged, and unrelenting calling to rejection, blame and shame and hate.

“It’s time to tell stories where no one is to blame for the human predicament, and all of us are responsible for forging a hopeful path forward.” (Elizabeth Lesser)

It is now upon us to stay in our most hopeful and positive state… to move toward something greater than what has been, and to do this, something formidable must shift within each of us.

Even if you disagree with everything I have written, everyone gets the opportunity to bring forth a story to tell- and whatever your story, choosing to value listening, including, partnership, communication, generosity and processing in all of your relationships in your home and work, in community, and in this country.

“Last stands are violent and desperate and scary and know no boundaries… destroy us… and last stands can last a long time…” (Brene Brown with Elizabeth Lesser)

I believe we must remain energized toward the possibility of peace and justice and how we can be the change we want to see in every choice we make.

Regardless of how you identify politically, you are first and foremost human-you are choosing your narrative. It is your power – which you may use as a human endeavor to create or destroy a more just, peaceful, less cruel, more loving, kind, unified culture of belonging, it is your right to claim your own way forward today, tomorrow, and well beyond any election. Beware is a good word, for those intent upon destroying the exceptional and the possible, do prevail when given the opening to come, like monsters to drag us into the abyss.

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